HUDWAY Glass is a neat lighweight phone mount designed to make a smartphone operate as a head-up display. Its tinted plastic lens has mirror coating for crisp easy-to-grasp reflection. This way, you can see both the road ahead — and directions reflected on the lens in front of your eyes.

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Head-up displays are becoming more common in high-end cars, but stand-alone units remain beyond the financial reach of many drivers.

HUDWAY Glass is a basic device that will take full advantage of your smartphone to give you a flexible HUD on a very modest budget.

It’s a neat lightweight vehicle accessory with a see-through lens that reflects phone screen and turns a smartphone into a head-up display.

Product features

    • Original HUDWAY Glass device — designed, patented and manufactured by HUDWAY


    • Requires no power to work
    • Works best for low visibility conditions (rain, fog, darkness)
    • High quality lens gives a sharp enlarged reflection
    • The information is displayed in drivers’ line of sight
    • Lens transparency allows for a clear road view
    • Soft cradle mat prevents the smartphone from sliding
    • Equipped with two repositionable mounts to fit any dash


How to use it

    • To minimize eyes-off-road time, place it in your line of sight — for example, on the dash between the steering wheel and the windshield.
    • Download and launch any app with HUD mode (see our recommendations below)
    • Place your smartphone onto HUDWAY Glass cradle and adjust the lens angle to comfortably see the reflection.

Customize your driving experience
by simply choosing the app you’d like to use

Commute to work every day:

Use speedometer to track your speed:

Choose from a a variety of HUD widgets to track your fuel consumption, see how safely you drive, get information on your current, maximum and average speed, distance and time traveled:

Apps to use with

We recommend you start by using the following apps:

HUDWAY Go app — intuitive and non-distracting navigation, displaying just what you most need while driving: the road you’re driving, your speed & your next manoeuvre (iOS | Android).

HUD Widgets app — a set of handy and popular navigation widgets, like speedometers, trip info, landmeter, weather, eco-driving, etc. All widgets work in regular or heads-up display (HUD) mode (iOS | Android).

In HUDWAY Glass box, you’ll find the promo code for lifetime Premium subscription to HUDWAY Go and HUD Widgets.

Navmii app is also offering good offline maps (worldwide) for navigation and neat info visualization in HUD mode  (iOS    | Android).

Sygic is a navigation app offering global offline maps and supporting HUD mode (iOSAndroid).

The most popular navigation apps in China, Gaode (iOS | Android) and Baidu Maps (iOS | Android) support HUD mode, too.

And you can always find more apps by searching “HUD” in the App Store or Google Play.

What’s in the box

    • Cradle base
    • Compact mount (puck)
    • Adjustable mount
    • Quick start guide & Product warranty
    • Promo code card
      (to activate lifetime Premium subscription for HUDWAY Go and HUD Widgets)
    • Wiping pouch
    • Dash sanitizer

In the press


    • #8 in the 2016 Most Innovative Companies List in Automotive Section by Fast Company
    • “HUDWAY gets your eyes off your smartphone and back on the road while driving” Tech Crunch
    • “Just like the HUD screen in luxury vehicles” The Huffington Post
    • “HUDWAY Glass: A Safer (And Really Cool) GPS” Forbes
    • “Hudway Glass, the $50 Gadget to Curb Distracted Driving” The Drive by The Times Inc.



What phones does it fit? What if I have a case on my phone?

HUDWAY Glass is compatible with regular and Plus models of many modern smartphones, including iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. Phablets and tablets can not be used with HUDWAY Glass.

The only requirement to the case is that it should be flat for the smartphone to lay stable on the cradle.

How does it attach to the dashboard?

Both adjustable and compact mounts are equipped with jelly glue adhesive layer that sticks well to smooth surfaces, like wood, plastic or leather. This firmly holds the accessory, and the mounts are completely removable, too.
Please note that the mounts may fail to stick to ribbed or suede-like surfaces.

Are the adhesives reusable?

Yes, but please note that their “reusability” degree will largely depend on how well you wipe the dashboard surface before attaching the mount, and how you store the mounts when you’re not using them. As we know that it’s almost impossible
to make users diligently follow the recommendations we may give on that, we could say that adhesion characteristics of any modern materials would fade quite soon.

How does it work in daylight?

Since it’s your smartphone that creates reflection on the mirroring lens, its brightness may be not sufficient to create a well legible reflection on a sunny day. This is why the device performs well on cloudy days, and in all situations of low visibility
conditions (darkness, fog, heavy rain or snow).

What about overheating in direct sunlight?

Please bear in mind that HUDWAY Glass is a passive accessory, with no temperature sensors and cooling elements. Long journeys in intense summer sunlight when the dashboard is directly exposed to the sun, may cause phone overheating.

Air conditioner and cooler temperature inside the car may help the situation, but we hesitate to call this a real remedy for the overheating issue.

What is HUD mode in the apps? Can I use Waze or Google Maps with HUDWAY Glass?

The lens in the Glass works like a mirror — and for the reflection to be correct and legible in the mirror, the screen image needs to be reversed. This is what we mean when we say that the app should support HUD mode to be compatible with HUDWAY Glass.

Shipping and delivery

For the US/Canada orders we ship from our warehouse in the US.
For the rest of the world we ship from our warehouse in Latvia.

In some countries you may have to pay customs duties. Please check your customs regulations on that. HUDWAY does not reimburse the fees or mark orders as gifts.


Additional information

Weight 14.10 oz
Dimensions 6.02 × 3.46 × 4.92 in

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