Pre-Launch “To-Do List”

The following guidelines are designed to help your campaign thrive, so following them closely will likely increase your engagement and ultimately, your funding.

FAQ Page Please read our FAQ’s – they will give you key insights. 

30-Days of Outreach – Spend 30-days BEFORE your launch galvanizing your friends, family and social media followers by announcing and subsequently reminding them of the day and time of your launch.

Since most social media posts are only seen by about 5% of your followers, it’s important to repeat your message at least five to seven times per week, on each of your social media accounts. Please ask  your campaign team to do the same.

Furthermore, based on general numbers across all crowdfunding platforms, about 5% of the collective friends, family and followers you reach out to will give about $90. Thus, if you have 5 people on your team and each of them reach 1000 people, 250 of those people (5% of 5,000), will donate an average of $90. That scenario raises $22,500. Of course, that number is not guaranteed, but it is reachable and surpassable if you put the work in to get the word out about your campaign. 

Premium Services Please consider our Premium Services early on in your process, as many of our require early engagement from our company. 

Build Your Livestream Guest ListOne key element of Hourglass24 is our campaign owners are encouraged to livestream during their 24-hour launch. While live-streaming is optional, it is a great way to engage your audience directly, as well as to bring actors, musicians, and other key talent onto your stream. Campaign owners have the option to have Hourglass24 produce their livestream through Premium Services, in which case they would use our StreamYard Pro account, which allows for multiple guests on screen simultaneously and a host of other  engaging features. Campaign owners are also welcome to use their own StreamYard account and produce their own livestream. Reaching out to potential guests for your livestream early on is crucial, as you can market the ones who say “yes” as a way to drive interest and traffic to your campaign. 

Have Your Campaign Profile Ready to Go 14-Days Before Launching

Having your campaign ready to go 14-days before your launch date will allow you ample time to make any changes to your campaign, if needed. 

Confirm Your Launch Time – Hourglass24 is launching campaigns from timezones on multiple continents, so please make sure we know where you are and what timezone you’re in to give you the most effective launch time. Can you give us the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) of your city? Should you be unaware of your GMT, here is a converter: GMT Time

Have Your Confirmed Donors Pledge Early – Encourage those who have committed to pledging the minute your campaign opens. Having a sudden burst of donations flow in will ignite others to contribute quickly. 

Make Sure Your Links Work – Nothing will kill a donation quicker than clicking on a link that doesn’t work, so please take the time to test and retest all of the links you present (websites, social media, links to articles, etc.).

Have a Launch Team – Having a team to help you with social media can be a game-changer. The more people who post, repost, and share your launch date and time, the wider net you cast. 

Videos – Video updates work better than written updates because most people would rather watch something instead of reading it. Make sure to make lots of videos during your ramp-up and please make a two-minute or less video introducing yourself and you campaign/mission. Backers tend support people they like, so be your awesome self and tell the world why they should support your vision and or mission. Remember, It’s All About You – Donors usually pledge to support the creator (YOU) more than the project. So, allow your personality to shine in your videos because it’s you they love. 


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