Premium Services 


Cinebound Online Class $5,000

Take an eight-week online class hosted by Hammad Zaidi and Alexsiya Flora. Learn how to position your raise and stretch goals, cast a wide net to potential backers, and utilize your campaign’s livestream as a marketing and financial tool. Furthermore, you’ll learn about motion picture finance and distribution, attracting investors, and developing and executing an effective film festival strategy. This class is designed to reach your goal five to seven years sooner.


Campaign Strategy

Strategy Session $1,000

Key executive member(s) will laser-target an effective strategy around your campaign for one hour via Zoom. This is a great way to zero in on what you need, how you need to do it, and your distribution prospects after making your gem.


Strategy Sessions (4) $3,500

Key executive member(s) will meet with you and your team, via Zoom, for one hour per week four weeks before your launch to give you insight, which will help you strategize and highly monetize your pending launch.

Media Outreach

Newsletter $300
Get showcased in our weekly newsletter that is distributed to 250,000 plus backers.

Press Release $500

We will write your release and distribute it to major media outlets in up to two countries of your choice.

Audience Outreach

250,000 Backers $1,000

We will send your project, via email, to 250,000 backers, each of whom has donated to multiple film-related crowdfunding campaigns.

1,000,000 Backers $2,000

We will send your project, via email, to one million backers, each of whom has donated to multiple crowdfunding campaigns.

2,000,000 Backers $3,000

We will send your project to two million key people via email. These include 1,750,000 backers who have donated to multiple crowdfunding campaigns and 250,000 film professionals.

Production Services 

Livestream Producing  $5,000

We will produce your livestream and handle its technical directing for up to five (5) hours.


Custom Services are also available. Please get in touch with for more information.